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Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning

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  • Posted on: 07.14.2021
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)
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emergency preparedness courses

The Prepared4ALL emergency preparedness courses will increase your knowledge about whole community emergency planning, including COVID-19 planning, as well as provide basic information needed to connect with your own local emergency planners, public health professionals, and community. Learning Agendas help to build on the concepts and skills to deepen your impact on your own communities. Each lesson has a short preview to get an idea of what you'll be learning.

Prepared4All addresses gaps in emergency planning by sharing insights on how to make efforts accessible for people with disabilities through three related strategies:

  • Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning - A new, free online training on the basics of the American Emergency Management System, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and whole community planning.
  • Prepared4ALL Disability Inclusion Coach program to help AUCD trainees form local networks between local disability organizations in the community, local emergency management, and public health professionals.
  • Prepared4All Town Halls which link local chapters of disability organizations and make introductions to local public health planners and emergency managers to trouble shoot and discuss solutions.