Publications of Interest to or Published by CEDC Members

  • UCEDD Network Engagement in ABLE Act Implementation Efforts

    A wide range of UCEDDs have engaged in the implementation of the ABLE Act at the national, state, and local levels. UCEDDs are both developing new initiatives and resources specific to the ABLE Act and incorporating content on the ABLE Act into existing programs and projects.

  • Voting

    Voting is one of the most important rights of a US citizen. It allows people to choose leaders they feel will best represent their needs on the local, state, and federal levels. You can make real change by being an educated voter in your community.

  • Distance Learning Technology Resources: Tools for Interdisciplinary Training Programs
    New AUCD Resource Helps Programs Leverage Technology to Support Training

    Technology can be a powerful tool for training healthcare professionals across multiple locations, enabling the exchange of ideas and practices that can benefit communities - including those that have been traditionally underserved. This new package of resources supports the increased use and effectiveness of distance learning technologies across AUCD network training programs and in the healthcare field more broadly. Included are a series of tables that break down the types of distance learning tools programs/centers are (or could potentially be) using across the spectrum of training activities. Users can access information about the software, tools, platforms, etc. which support specific functionalities, such as: ease of use, typical costs, reported use by programs, and accessibility features.

  • Achieving Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Information Dissemination Activities

    When creating a new publication or posting information, there are several aspects to keep in mind during the development phase to ensure the publication fully takes into consideration cultural and linguistic differences and representations, regardless of the methods by which that publication or piece of information is being produced and disseminated. The following guidelines, developed by AUCD in 2013, are not intended to be either requirements or a checklist that guarantees a product or piece of information is appropriate to all audiences. Rather, we hope that this document will serve as a point of reference and stimulate careful consideration for anyone writing or producing information for any audience.

  • Preparing Fundable Grant Proposals: A Roadmap for Professionals

    The purpose of this publication is to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals and graduate students who compete for federal grants. The material is designed for individuals with no or limited experience in seeking competitively-awarded, public funds from federal agencies. The multimedia module is self-instructional and allows a student or professional to work through the material at their own pace. It is most relevant to the fields of education, developmental disabilities, mental health, community psychology, and human and social services.