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The world needs to hear the voices of grassroots leaders with disabilities and family members. Their wisdom and advocacy will help advance issues that will make a difference for many. Help AUCD mobilize and lift up the voices that matter in our movement by bringing emerging leaders to Washington, DC, where they can be part of important events, testify in front of key Congressional committees, and bring their first-person perspectives to national conversations about the lives of people with disabilities.


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AUCD Conference Scholarship Fund

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The AUCD Conference Scholarship Fund was established by the AUCD Board of Directors in 2013 with the goal of providing financial assistance to emerging Network leaders: self-advocates, family members, trainees, and young professionals; to attend the AUCD Conference. The Fund was created in conjunction with the retirement of Executive Director George S. Jesien, PhD, to honor his commitment to increasing leadership in the disability field.

The AUCD conference is a unique forum where emerging leaders will be able to learn from, share with, and network with hundreds of scholarly and community leaders in the fields of developmental disabilities, community organizing, public health, leadership, and much more. Current network leaders have found the AUCD Conference to be a momentous opportunity in their career as they get introduced to the leaders in the field and energize their career and leadership. This one event provides a national and international forum for exploring the latest developments in the field and connecting with peers and mentors.

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Thank You for Supporting Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to in their Hurricane Recovery

Hurricanes Irma and Maria Relief

Thank you to everyone who donated to help support our centers and DD networks in Puerto Rico (PR) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) meet the needs of people with disabilities in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Below is information we received from the Centers on their efforts to date. The needs are still great and donations are still being accepted for general territories relief and will be split equally between PR and USVI. Please visit AUCD's Donation Site to make a donation. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Martin at Thank you again for your support!

Recovery updates as of 12/12/17

The Puerto Rico UCEDD has joined a coalition of several disability agencies in Puerto Rico to identify needs and offer support to individuals with disabilities in their communities in the aftermath of the hurricane. This coalition, the Puerto Rico Disabilities Relief Network (PRDRN), has created a collection center to gather donations to distribute to people and also plans to promote and increase the participation of people with disabilities and their families in the preparation, response, and recovery and mitigation process before, during, and after a disaster.

In addition, the Puerto Rico UCEDD will use donated money to clean and reopen their Child Development Center that is housed in the San Juan Botanical Gardens, which was heavily damaged in the hurricane, and has been closed since. With this money and a donated generator from the University of Puerto Rico, they hope to be able to reopen the center in January 2018.

The PRDRN greatly appreciates your donation and ensures that all the proceeds will be used for the benefit of the community we serve. We thank you for your support in helping Puerto Rico recover and rebuild into an even stronger island!

The Virgin Islands UCEDD wishes to extend sincere and grateful thanks to the many donors who have helped to ease the pain, discomfort, and trauma we experienced from the two Category 5 hurricanes that devastated our islands in a two-week time period. We are recovering slowly. Power and minimal functioning has been restored to about 48% of the three main islands.  There are however many people with disabilities in this community still in great need. Through this campaign initiated by AUCD and a local fundraising effort, we were able to raise nearly $7,000 for hurricane relief specific to people with disabilities.

Three generators were supplied to families with life threatening medical needs and very limited resources, one more to help power our VIUCEDD St. Croix office, and we plan to do A LOT more. One family who recently received a generator had a child with Cerebral Palsy who has no mobility or self-care capacity. The mother was handwashing (by bucket) her child's soiled sheets and clothes on a daily basis every single day since the storms hit. The generator donation has changed her life. One generator was donated to an elderly couple who were the primary caregivers of three grandchildren with disabilities and a third to a teacher who was the parent of three children with disabilities.

We plan to continue to make generators available and respite services as appropriate as well as identifying other critical needs for people with disabilities. Please consider helping out this great cause. All funds spent will be rigorously accounted for and put to maximum use in service of people with disabilities impacted by these hurricanes. Thank you for helping to keep the US Virgin Islands strong! 




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