Contact OIDD


This page provides you with the information necessary to contact OIDD directly.

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Office of the commissioner

Julie Hocker
Commssioner 202-798-7788
Jennifer Johnson  Director 202-795-7371
Carrie Johnston Executive Assistant 202-795-7334

office of programs support

Ophelia M. McLain
Director 202-795-7401
Pamela O'Brien UCEDD Program Specialist 202-795-7417
Shawn Callaway UCEDD Program Specialist 202-795-7319
Sara Newell DDC program Specialist 202-795-7413
Valerie Bond Cross-progrm Program Management Anylyst  202-795-7311
Carla Thomas Cross-program Program Analyst 202-795-7452
Clare Huerta P&A (PADD, PAAT, PATBI, PAVA) Program Specialist 202-795-7301
Melvenia Wright P&A (PADD, PAAT, PATBI, PAVA) Program Specialist 202-357-3486
Wilma Roberts P&A (PADD, PAAT, PATBI, PAVA) Program Specialist 202-795-7449

office of innovation

Allison Cruz
Director 202-795-7334
Katherine Cargill-Willis PNS Program Specialist 202-795-7322
Larissa Crossen PNS Program Specialist 202-795-7360
Shelia Whitaker PCIPID Program Assistant 202-795-7374

Grants management fiscal points of contact

Tanielle Chandler Director 202-795-7325
William Kim Sr. Grants Management Specialist 202-795-7381
LaDeva Harris Grants Management Specialist 202-795-7360

mailing address

Administration for Community Living
330 C St SW
Washington, DC 20201