Individual TA



AUCD's training and technical assistance contract supports individualized TA for UCEDDs. This TA is intended to address needs identified by UCEDD Directors, or identified by AIDD; goals, objectives, and activities are identified collaboratively between the UCEDD and the TA staff. New UCEDD Directors are strongly encouraged to explore individualized TA. TA strategies vary widely according to the purpose and context for TA, and can range from information and referral to peer-to-peer on-site consultation. These are not monitoring activities, nor are they full-blown site visits requiring weeks of preparation by staff and presentations by projects and committees.

"TA is like a combination of strategic planning and family therapy, but in the spirit of the confessional, discussions are kept discreet." - An Anonymous Peer Consultant

Individualized TA can address such issues as community outreach, University relations, leveraging of funds, collaboration with the State DD network, developing research programs, leadership transition, and working with the Consumer Advisory Committee. 

Eligibility for INDIVIDUALIZED ta

All UCEDDs are eligible for individualized TA. Priority is given to those UCEDDs with new Directors, and UCEDDs who are identified by AIDD as in need of TA. However, any UCEDD may request TA at any time. All TA requests are reviewed by AUCD in consultation with AIDD to determine priority of need.


Once a UCEDD has decided it would like individualized TA, its leadership will work with AUCD to develop a draft TA plan.  The plan includes the following:

  • Name of the UCEDD and Relevant Contact Information
  • Date of Request
  • Purpose and context for TA
  • Goal and objectives for TA
  • TA activities and strategies

Once the final plan is developed, AUCD will share it with AIDD for approval. Once AIDD has approved the TA Plan, AUCD oversees the implementation of this plan and works in collaboration with the UCEDD to ensure all components of the TA Plan are executed and the goals/objectives are achieved. Progress, outcomes, and recommendations are documented. Additional activities and strategies may be identified and implemented as needed, incorporating a continuous quality improvement approach.

AUCD also implements initial and follow-up evaluations of the TA. The initial evaluation is completed at approximately 2 months after TA is provided, and includes the following elements (which may be modified as needed):

  • Extent to which identified goal was met
  • Extent to which identified objectives were met
  • Initial outcomes that occurred as a result of TA provided
  • Any additional comments or feedback

The follow-up evaluation is completed at approximately one year after TA is provided. This is accomplished through an interview with the UCEDD. Results of both evaluations are provided to AIDD.

Click here to view the ta plan and evaluation template

If interested in receiving individualized TA for your UCEDD, please contact Dawn Rudolph at or 240-821-9387.