The UCEDD Program Performance Report (PPR), formerly known as the Annual Report, is due to be uploaded into Grant Solutions by July 30 at 11:59 pm eastern time of each year. Each UCEDD must complete and submit the PPR annually, even in the final year of the core grant. Any changes to objectives and timelines must be noted in the workplan updates in Part 1A of the PPR. Any changes in goals must be addressed directly with your project officer, and typically require a new application. Completion of the PPR in NIRS does not automatically result in upload to Grant Solutions; you must complete that step after the final PPR is emailed to you from NIRS. This page provides you with resources for the reporting process.

PPR Resources

Additional Resources & History

The Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000 required new program accountability and reporting procedures that changed the UCEDD Annual Report to AIDD. In 2008 the Office of Management and Budget reviewed this data collection requirement and approved the current Annual Report Template. The UCEDD Annual Report Template was revised in 2013, and submitted to OMB for approval.

Examples of Past PPRs

Listed below are AIDD's selection of  UCEDD  FY 2012 (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013) Annual Report Samples

AIDD considered a variety of factors in their choice including organizational structure, size, geographic location to help you find one that may fit your needs.

After an analysis of the Annual Reports, AIDD determined that many UCEDDs approached their Annual Report in one of two ways:

  1. Some reported the detailed work plan in 1.A & reported the summative overview in 1.B 

  2. Some reported both the detailed work plan & the overview of UCEDD's progress  in 1.A  or in the introduction with supplemental information in 1.B

Both ways were acceptable because AIDD Project Officers were able to locate the information they needed  in  their review of the PPRs using the Tier 1 Review Tool.  AIDD Project Officers appreciate having  this information to  help in their future assessment of the Annual Report template.

 1.A & 1.B