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AUCD Hopeful in Result of Child Welfare Case of Intellectual Disabilities

Last week the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it has entered into a voluntary resolution agreement (VRA) with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) concerning the rights of parents with disabilities in ODHS Child Welfare Programs (CWP). The devastating separation of two infant children from their mother and father with intellectual disabilities has been seen and remains a violation of the parents civil rights, despite the new VRA.



Expanding Disability Access for Higher Education is Critical

Access to higher education is a critical gateway to productive employment, economic self-sufficiency, and community inclusion. AUCD believes that all students should have access to postsecondary education opportunities and is pleased to support the Expanding Disability Access for Higher Education Act, S.1176.


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