May 1, 2007 

Section I. Objectives

The National Training Directors' Council (hereafter referred to as "the Council") is hereby established as a formal element of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). It is to serve as a focus and forum for the identification, discussion and resolution of problems and issues regarding preservice interdisciplinary training; to function as a representative voice of the preservice interdisciplinary training interests and concerns within the AUCD network and to influence the development and assist in the implementation of established national training policies.

Section II. Organization

  1. The Council will be composed of one representative from each member program of the AUCD, who will serve an unlimited term as long as he/she is the Pre-Service Education Coordinator and/or Training Director/Coordinator. If no such position exists, a designee who best represents the overall training interests of the member program will be designated by the program's director. When a representative cannot participate in a scheduled meeting, an alternate may be chosen from the home Center. Alternates will have full voting rights.
  2. The officers of the Council will include the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.
  3. The Steering Committee will consist of the Officers, immediate past Council Chair, active Task Force/ad hoc Committee Directors and other individuals designated by the Chair. Ad hoc committees may be formed at the request of the Chair and the approval of the Steering Committee.
  4. Certain members of the Council will be designated by the Chair as liaison committee members to specific committees within the AUCD organization.


Section III. Activities

There will be at least one general meeting each year. This requirement will usually be fulfilled through the Fall AUCD meeting but may be accomplished through other means. Announcement of the general business meetings, along with distribution of a tentative agenda, will be made at least one month prior to the scheduled date.

The Chair will coordinate the activities of the Steering Committee, which will have the responsibility of planning and implementing the activities of the Council. Individual task force groups will be the direct responsibility of the task force Director, who is responsible to the Council Chair.

Individual task force/ad hoc committees will be developed in response to identified needs within the Council. Each will be made up of at least three members of the Council with a Director designated by the Chair. Each task force/committee will be required to report its ongoing activities at the annual meeting and will be maintained until such time as its objectives have been reached and / or further ongoing work is deemed unnecessary by the Steering Committee.

The Council will also utilize workshops and seminars as the means for fulfilling its objectives. Responsibility for these workshops lies within the Steering Committee, who may delegate specific responsibility to individual members. Published proceedings will be an integral part of the workshop and their dissemination will be the responsibility of the Steering Committee.

Section IV. Election of Officers

The Council Chair will be elected for three years, a term that is consistent with the term of office of the AUCD Board of Directors, so that he or she may function as a representative to that Board for an entire term. The Council Vice Chair will be elected for a similar term, and will function as a substitute representative to the board in the absence of the Chair. The Council Secretary will be elected for a similar term. The past Chair will serve for a similar term on the Steering Committee.

Elections will be held at least one month in advance of the annual meeting using an electronic voting format (email or web-based). Nominations will be conducted by mail or electronically at least two months prior to the election. Each officer will be selected by a majority of those voting.

The Council Chair will conduct all meetings of the Council, as well as those of the Steering Committee. The Vice Chair will pursue those duties as designated by the Chair and the Steering Committee. The Secretary will maintain minutes of all general and Steering Committee meetings and will make distribution to the membership at large.

Section V. Amendments

Amendments to these Rules shall be put forth by the Council Steering Committee and approved by a majority vote of those voting. Notice of proposed changes must be distributed no less than one month in advance of voting to all members.

A quorum at a general business meeting shall consist of ten members.

Section VI.
Questions of procedure not adequately covered in these Rules will be subject to Robert's Rules of Order.