NTDC Council Minutes 2005

September 21, 2005


Ruth Roberts, Terri Longhurst, Katie Keiling, Janet Willis, Debra Eisert, Toby Long, Judith Holt, Vicki Pappas, Steve Koch, Kay Conklin, David Helm, Crystal Periseau, Ann Cameron, Paul Lesnik

Call to Order
Steve Koch, chair, called the meeting to order. Introductions were made.

The minutes had been distributed earlier from the June meeting of the advisory committee.

Chair's Report
Steve provided an overview of the five councils for AUCD. The National Training Directors Council's (our council) focus is to identify common needs of the network's training directors and to promote collaborative efforts to guide interdisciplinary training. The Council on Interdisciplinary Service's -- define and promote the concept of interdisciplinary training, service, research, and community development; the Council of Community Advocates - advance policy and practice for individuals with disabilities and their families; Multicultural Council - to secure the meaningful participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds and to provide training, community service, research, and dissemination in a culturally competent manner; the National Community Education Directors Council - influence the development and implementation of national community education policies and initiatives.

Steve asked that any new training directors who wished to be linked to a mentor contact him for linking.

The AUCD Board has asked that all participants to be mindful of the organization's themes during the Summit - consumer participation and involvement at all levels; research evaluation and policy analysis; interdisciplinary training. There is an interest in broadening the network to include countries other than the USA.

The Board is considering forming a sixth council on research and evaluation. Over ninety percent of the responses to a survey about this were favorable/very favorable for the formation of such a council. The board will continue to discuss this.

There were 10 applicants for the formation of three new UCEDDs. An announcement about the selected centers will be made soon by ADD.

The Communication Committee of the AUCD Board has been discussing how the AUCD and its network are marked internally and externally and how to make this more effective.

One possible option is to create a web-based introduction that could guide you on different paths depending on your role - student, faculty, staff, etc.

NTDC Workgroup Updates

Trainee Linkages Workgroup
David Deere was unable to attend but Steve handed out the results of the recent survey of trainees. Steve will ask David if he can separate LEND and UCEDD trainees and also by year in school.

Survey Responses were:

  • Alumni listserv 71 responses
  • Are you part of the listserv now: Yes 35%; No, but want to 39.5%; Don't care to join 25%
  • Would you join for network updates, employment opportunities & other relevant information? Yes 75%; No 12.7%; Unsure 12.7%
  • Would you join as a forum to discuss leadership, clinical, professional and policy issues with others of similar training backgrounds? Yes 65%; No 14%; Unsure 21%
  • Would you join to form a network of contacts? Yes 72%; No 12%; Unsure 16%
  • At the end of training, would you
    • continue to be on the trainee listserv 23%
    • Unsubscribe 8.6%
    • Subscribe to an alumni listserv 54%
    • Not on now and won't join 14.3%

Health Disparities Workgroup
Matt Reese compiled a list of curriculum supports to be used by all in the discussion of health disparities. These are either already on the web site or soon will be.

Minority Recruitment and Retention Workgroup
There was no update for this committee.

Technology Workgroup
Vicki Pappas reported that the listserv has been hampered by the process of sending information into the central office and then they send it out. This has recently changed which should make the process of using the listserv much easier for each member. Currently this committee is looking at ways to enhance this council's website, once the overall website is redesigned, our portion will be updated and reordered.

This committee is currently working on three areas: Getting the list consistently used; determining the need for modules on line for trainees to possibly be used as an introduction to the network; conducting a membership survey to see what content is needed and the appropriate medium to use. We may need to change our name to something like Training directors Support Committee. This may allow us to more appropriately respond or refer questions. The mentor program would fit here also.

Next Steps for this Council

Steve facilitated a brainstorming session on possible topics for this council. A follow-up survey will be sent to all Training Directors for additional input, and prioritizing of needs will occur subsequently. Results from those present were:

Where do we go from here? (listed in no particular order)

  • Develop "intro to AUCD" for trainees on the website. Make it interactive
  • Emergency preparedness training curricula
  • Leadership training with CACs
  • Trainee involvement across the network
    • Meeting attendances at conferences
      • Policy Seminar, Annual Conference, etc.
      • Need to address funding
    • Regional meetings
    • E-pals (electronic pen pals)
    • Trainee mentorships with faculty at other centers
      • Develop list of faculty and interests on the website for easy matching
  • End of life decisions curricula
  • Disability studies curricula
  • Membership survey of needs

Virtual Trainee
Ann Cameron spoke with us briefly about her year serving as the virtual trainee. Crystal introduced Paul Lesnik, the virtual trainee for this year. He is a post-doctoral fellow in psychology at the New Mexico UCEDD.

This council is currently recruiting chairs for committees to replace some of the long term current chairs. Talk with Steve if this is of interest.

Steve thanked Crystal for her support of our committee and adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Kay Conklin